Feel free to scroll through some of our latest roofing, siding, painting, and outdoor space project photographs from around Puget Sound. You’ll see work in progress and the final results. Then we hope you’ll give us a call to discuss how we can make the most of your home.

  • What Are the Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof?

    Signs that your roof may need to be replaced can vary depending on the type of roofing material and the age of the roof. However, there are some common indicators that it may be time for a new roof. If […]


  • Why Choose Rain City Exteriors?

    Rain City Exteriors is a company that specializes in roofing and siding services for residential and commercial properties. They have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best service possible to their customers. […]


  • What Are the Cost Factors When Replacing Siding on My Home?

    Cost for exterior siding replacement in Seattle can vary with a wide range of factors that can affect the overall cost. Some of the most important cost factors to consider when planning a siding replacement project include the type of […]


  • GAF Roofing from Rain City Exteriors

    If you’re considering replacing the roof on your home, you may want to consider using GAF roofing shingles installed by Rain City Exteriors.  We are a factory-certified installer of GAF roofing products. Here are some advantages to using GAF roofing […]


  • James Hardie Siding Replacement

    Looking to upgrade your home’s exterior in Seattle? Look no further than Rain City Exteriors and James Hardie Siding. James Hardie Siding is a durable, long-lasting option that provides the beautiful look of wood without the maintenance and upkeep. It’s […]


  • The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

    If you’re a homeowner, you may have thought about replacing the windows in your home. Windows are an important part of your home’s structure and serve many important functions, such as providing natural light, ventilation, and insulation. Over time, however, […]