A Smooth Journey to Beautiful Home Siding: What to Expect 

Getting new siding for your home is a thrilling endeavor. Not only will it enhance your home’s curb appeal, but it will also provide essential protection against the elements. If you’ve never undergone a siding replacement before, you might be curious about what to anticipate. The good news is that when you collaborate with a dedicated team like Rain City Exteriors, the siding replacement process becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect before and during the installation process. 

Preparation Steps Before Installation Day 

Before our expert siding team arrives at your doorstep, there are some practical steps you can take to prepare for the installation, ensuring a smooth start: 

1. Clear the Path: 

  • Move all obstacles away from the exterior walls, including patio furniture, planters, and outdoor decorations. 
  • Trim shrubbery and protect flower beds with tarps to prevent any damage. 

2. Create Workspace: 

  • Clear your driveway to provide easy access for our workers and materials. 
  • Park your car away from your home so that you can come and go at your convenience. 
  • Ensure access to power outlets for our crew’s tools. 

3. Safety First: 

  • Keep your pets and children safely indoors during the installation, or consider scheduling playdates to minimize disruptions. 
  • Consider working outside of your home on the installation day, as the process can be noisy. 

4. Prepare for Cleanup: 

  • Trim your grass to a shorter length before the installation begins to facilitate easier cleanup. 
  • Expect some debris and nails during the removal of old materials, which will be cleared away promptly. 

What Happens On Siding Installation Day 

When the long-awaited day for your new siding installation arrives, our team will efficiently manage the process, ensuring your new home siding is perfectly set in place: 

1. Delivery of Materials: 

  • Before the installation day, your siding contractor will order the necessary materials and arrange for a dumpster to remove debris. These items are typically delivered to your property a day or two in advance. 

2. Removal of Old Siding: 

  • Our installation team will remove the old boards, stucco, or any existing siding materials to make space for your new siding. Temporary placement of debris on your lawn may be necessary but will be cleared away once the work is completed. 

3. Repairs and Structural Integrity: 

  • After removing the old siding, our crew will inspect for any structural damage such as wood rot, a common issue with old stucco. Any necessary repairs will be made to ensure the structural integrity of your home, guaranteeing that your new siding functions correctly. 

4. Insulation and Waterproofing: 

  • With the old siding gone, insulation and waterproofing elements will be replaced, providing a protective barrier for your home before the new siding is installed.


5. Installation of New Siding: 

  • Your home is now prepared for the installation of the new siding. Our installation team will meticulously secure the siding boards, working from the bottom up to create a waterproof, protective overlap. Depending on your chosen siding material, additional steps such as cutting boards to fit your home and painting may be included. 

6. Inspection and Cleanup: 

  • Prior to leaving your property, our siding installation team will complete a series of final steps, including quality control checks on the work performed. 
  • Any old materials will be disposed of in the dumpster, and your lawn will be carefully inspected for stray nails, ensuring a tidy and safe environment. 

With Rain City Exteriors, your journey to new home siding is not only exciting but also worry-free. Our commitment to your satisfaction and the meticulous care we take at every step of the process make it a truly smooth and rewarding experience. Get ready to enjoy your beautifully transformed home! 

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