Prepare Your Home for the Season Ahead

Prepare your home for the season ahead with this comprehensive spring maintenance checklist from Rain City Exteriors:

  1. ROOF:
    • What to look for: Scan for missing or damaged shingles, as well as signs of mold or moss growth, especially on north and east-facing sides.
    • What to do: Hire a professional roofer to inspect and repair any issues to ensure your roof remains watertight and secure.
    • What to look for: Check for peeling paint and rot on window frames.
    • What to do: Replace or repair damaged frames to maintain the integrity of your windows. Rain City Exteriors can assist with replacement options.
  3. SIDING:
    • What to look for: Clean dirt and debris accumulated over the winter months.
    • What to do: Utilize gentle cleaning methods to remove grime without damaging the siding. Rain City Exteriors offers expert advice on safe cleaning techniques.
    • What to look for: Clear any blockages to ensure proper water flow.
    • What to do: Safely clean gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage. Rain City Exteriors can provide professional gutter cleaning services.
  5. DECK:
    • What to look for: Inspect for signs of rot or deterioration, especially along edges and underneath.
    • What to do: Follow our deck maintenance checklist for restoring and preserving your deck’s condition. Rain City Exteriors offers repair and replacement services for damaged deck components.
    • What to look for: Trim foliage near the house to prevent pest entry and ensure proper drainage away from the foundation.
    • What to do: Maintain landscaping to enhance curb appeal and protect your home’s exterior. Rain City Exteriors can assist with landscaping adjustments to improve drainage.
    • What to look for: Check for signs of deterioration or damage to the chimney structure.
    • What to do: Contact a professional chimney repair specialist for necessary repairs or cleaning.
    • What to look for: Inspect for cracks with deflection or signs of structural damage.
    • What to do: Consult with a foundation repair expert for assessment and repairs if needed.

If you’re uncertain about any aspect of your home’s exterior maintenance, Rain City Exteriors can provide expert guidance and assistance. Ensure your home is ready for spring with the help of our experienced team.

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