Exterior painting, both durable and beautiful

Protect and beautify your home with long-lasting paints applied by an experienced local team—that’s our winning combination.

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Northwest exterior painters you can trust

To get an exterior paint job that looks great and lasts for years, you need a house painting team that understands what products best withstand our unique Puget Sound climate with its wide range of seasons, from wet and cold to hot and dry. Rain City Exteriors’ painting crews are professional, experienced, and they pay attention to the smallest details so that you get the best result possible.


  • Provided an excellent crew, worked in an efficient manner. Project was done when scheduled and quickly. Provided even more effort than requested. The two story project was painted and upon completion left a professionally performed siding installation and repair. The […]


The Rain City Exteriors Advantage

Rain City Exteriors completes dozens of exterior painting projects every year. We bring more than 15-years’ worth of professional experience to every job. And virtually all of our customers are happy with the results. It’s all due to diligent painting crews and our proven multistep process outlined below.

House painting by the numbers:

  1. Cleaning and scraping (as required)
  2. Taping
  3. Caulking
  4. First spray coat
  5. First Back-rolling and brushing (as required)
  6. Second spray coat
  7. Second Back-rolling and brushing (as required)
  8. Trim back-rolling
  9. Clean-up at the site after each day

Proven paint products by Sherwin-Williams

Our standard application is two coats and two colors, but we work closely with you to determine the special needs for your home or business. Best results for our climate come from Sherman-Williams’ SuperPaint and Duration, and for most jobs we recommend Duration for its long-lasting performance, which includes mildew resistance. Before we spray-paint your home, we will protect surrounding areas, vegetation, and other items nearby to prevent over-spray. It normally takes 2 to 4 working days to paint a home, based on the size of the home and of course our always cooperative Northwest weather.