Sided and painted our two story house. Our construction was extremely complicated because the first floor and basement was old construction, and we had added 3” of rock wool insulation outside of the house. We attached 4” cladding strips to the outside of the insulation and hung the Hardboard siding to those strips. And that made the window wells extra deep. Then the new, second floor construction stepped back in since it didn’t have the extra insulation. (We found an easier to way to make the walls extra deep from the inside and get the added R value that way.) Flashing was extra challenging, and how to detail the transition from the first to second floor required special attention. The crew that worked on our house were highly skilled and their attitude was that of really wanting to make the house look great, as well as a pleasure to be around. They weren’t just watching the clock and trying to get the job done! Not that they were slow, either. At first there was lots of details that we had to work out. As we figured those out, the speed picked up. I had just about hired another sider, and I looked at the houses he had done. They were OK, but worried me a little—- the caulking and gaps didn’t look quite right to me, so the details seemed off a little. Rain City Exteriors made our house look better than I had imagined.